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Terms & Conditions

All items and products presented on the website are available based on the title and detailed product description. Any additional products or accessories that may appear in the photos of each product, exist only for the purpose of enriching the photography and are not included in the price, which concerns only the product, as mentioned in the title of each entry and is described in detail in corresponding description.

• All product prices are in euros and include VAT.
• All product prices refer to the purchase of products in cash and only through the website and not from the store.
• When a product is included in our website at a promotional price, then the specific price and any other additional discount that may be provided on products of the same category applies to it.
• There is a right to change the products, according to the policy of the store. It goes without saying that the change is made with products of equal value and that it is absolutely necessary to return the product to be changed and its packaging in excellent condition and to present the corresponding document. For reasons of hygiene, no changes or returns are accepted on products that have been opened or their packaging has been slightly altered.
• Orders are shipped within Greek territory. The shipping costs of the order, where they exist and if there are any to be borne by the customer, are automatically displayed in the order and are included in the final cost.
• Our company makes every effort for the availability of the products that appear on our website and in any case guarantees the timely information of the customers regarding the availability of the products of their orders. It is self-evident the customer's right to cancel an order in case one of its products is not available.
• Our company has the right to make a telephone confirmation of a customer's details during his first order, but also a telephone confirmation of orders with special features, such as their high monetary value.
• Our company has the right to deactivate accounts, through which systematic registration of fictitious (fake or constantly canceled) orders is made.
• Canceling an order can only be done through the messaging function of the customer account. In case the order appears in the account as "in progress", which means that it has been sent, then its cancellation can only be done by phone.
• Our company makes every effort to accurately record all data and information, prices and product descriptions contained on the website, but always subject to spelling, typographical or other errors.
• Our company reserves the right to unilaterally modify at any time the terms of use of the website with the sole obligation of the simultaneous posting of the new terms of participation in the respective space "Terms of use" of the website.

Commercial Guarantees

The warranties for the Products (in cases where they are provided) are provided by the manufacturers themselves or the representatives (importers) of the devices at their own risk. It is emphasized that apart from the guarantees provided by the manufacturers or the agents (importers), the Company does not provide its own guarantee or extension thereof. For the warranty period under the conditions provided by each manufacturer you must provide proof, otherwise it is not possible to provide the warranty. The Company does not bear any responsibility in relation to the compliance of manufacturers and importers with their obligations set by law in relation to the guarantees. It is pointed out that the warranty period is proven exclusively from the date of receipt of the Product, and in case of loss you can contact the Company for reprinting the purchase receipt.